Donate Now to provide a laptop for a child of the Winning Team in 2020

Teaching 2020 children in 2020

Donate Now to provide a laptop for a child of the Winning Team in 2020 image


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Teaching 2020 children in 2020

We are fundraising to provide laptops

What is a Hackathon? A lot of people ask us, what is a Hackathon and why are we doing it with kids? The answer to why is easy: kids are the best innovators. As for what a Hackathon is, that is more difficult to explain. You see, the goal of a Hackathon is not to create a perfectly polished code or a finished app or game that works. The goal is to come up with the best possible solution to a real-world problem using technology. We teach them to embrace a debugging mindset and to persevere when faced problems to take their ideas from concept to a prototype all in the span of an 8-hour day! Our Junior Hackers work together in ways they never have before. They think outside the box, communicate effectively and share ideas with all who will listen.

Hackathon Jr. is a Hackathon event for children ages 9-13 interested in technology and innovation to create solutions for real-world problems within their communities through collaboration and technology.

What sets Hackathon Jr. apart is our goal of instruction at these events. Our events will include TED style talks to inspire children and teach about the concepts our "Junior Hackers" could use both at and after the event. We plan to accomplish this through workshops the children can attend held by mentors in the industry, therefore supporting the idea of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education for our participants while also using an empathetic approach to learn such skills.

Each event will be a full day (9 am-5 pm, lunch and snacks provided) of workshops and competition focused on solving a community or social issue using technology (software programming- coding). Winners of our Hackathon competitions will earn more than just a trophy, building on our team's goal of education, the coders will compete for laptops to further their education in STEM.